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At Sequoia Home Loans (part of the ASX listed Sequoia Financial Group (ASX.SEQ), we're dedicated to guiding you seamlessly through the entire property financing process. Specialising in both residential and commercial mortgages, we empower you to achieve your dream homeownership or secure the perfect investment property.

Our team of seasoned mortgage brokers boasts extensive experience navigating the intricate world of loan products. We take pride in:

  • Unmatched Lender Network: We maintain strong relationships with over 45 lenders, granting you access to a diverse array of competitive mortgage options. This extensive reach empowers us to find the most favourable rates and terms that perfectly align with your unique financial goals.

  • Unbiased Expertise: Unlike banks that primarily promote their in-house products, our brokers prioritise your interests. We act as your objective partner, meticulously comparing loan options across a vast network of lenders to secure the most advantageous terms for you.

  • Streamlined Process: The mortgage application process can be daunting. We simplify the journey by handling the paperwork, liaising with lenders on your behalf, and ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

Transparency in Our Service:

  • No Direct Fees: Our brokers are compensated through commissions directly paid by the lenders based on the loan amount. This eliminates any potential bias and ensures our recommendations solely focus on securing the best possible deal for you.

  • Open Communication: We believe in clear and transparent communication throughout the entire process. You'll always be kept informed about every step, from initial loan application to final approval.

Why Choose Sequoia Home Loans?

  • Wider Selection & Expert Negotiation: With access to over 45 lenders and in-depth knowledge of the lending landscape, our brokers can present you with a wider range of loan options and expertly negotiate favourable rates and terms on your behalf.

  • Streamlined Process: We handle the legwork, simplifying the mortgage application process and saving you valuable time and effort.

  • Innovative solutions: Our team are experienced financial services professionals, with vast backgrounds across equities, debt structuring, SMSF investing and much more. This provides us with the ability to think creatively about how to structure deals to best suit our clients more than your everyday broker. 

  • Your Complete Property Partner: Sequoia goes beyond just securing your property financing. Through our sister company, Sequoia Asset Management, we can also handle your life insurance requirements. This comprehensive approach makes Sequoia a one-stop shop for your entire property journey. If you’re taking on new debt and unsure of how much insurance cover is right for you, visit our Insurance Adequacy Calculator.

Sam Welzler Mortgage Broker at Sequoia Home Loans

Mortgage Broker

Sam Wetzler

Sam Wetzler is a founding director of Sequoia Home Loans which is a fast growing mortgage broking business located in the Sydney CBD. Sam works with people across the country to support them in achieving their property goals and is passionate about providing highly efficient service and building genuine, long lasting relationships with clients. 

Sam’s background is in Investment Management and he is an expert in Self-Managed Superannuation (SMSF). Sam’s understanding of financial markets as well as passion for property and the use of borrowing to enhance investment returns made mortgage broking a natural fit. He enjoys negotiating with lenders to find the best deal possible for his clients and works around the clock to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. 

Sam Wetzler holds the following qualifications: 

  • Bachelor of Business (University of Technology, Sydney)

  • Diploma of Financial Planning (Kaplan)

  • Accredited Derivatives Adviser Level 2 (Kaplan)

  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management (Kaplan)

Oscar Pople Mortgage Broker at Sequoia Home Loans

Mortgage Broker

Oscar Pople

Oscar Pople is a financial services professional with eight years experience across equities and managed and funds, and is now focused on the mortgage and property market. Oscar has a holistic understanding of capital markets and is able to use that knowledge and experience to provide his clients with a more detailed view of the mortgage and property market than many other brokers. 

Oscar has a genuine interest in both finance and property, so mortgage broking is a natural fit. Oscar enjoys building rapport with clients from all walks of life and helping them achieve their property goals, whether they are a first home buyer or an experienced commercial investor.  

Oscar Pople holds the following qualifications: 

  • Bachelor of Business (University of Technology, Sydney)

  • Diploma of Financial Planning (Kaplan)

  • Accredited Derivatives Adviser (Kaplan)

  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management (Kaplan) 

  • Real Estate Economics and Finance Certificate (London School of Economics)

Sibella Herbert Mortgage Broker Photo

Mortgage Broker

Sibella Herbert

Sibella Herbert is a dedicated Mortgage Broker working with clients throughout Australia to achieve their home ownership and property investment goals. Sibella specialises in NDIS construction home loans and SMSF investment loans but is also experienced in assisting her clients across all categories of lending from First Home Ownership to refinancing large investment portfolios to optimise return on investment.  

Sibella’s personal passion for Property Investment for Financial Freedom influences her work as a mortgage broker, with an innate understanding that optimisation of finances are the key to long-term wealth accumulation. 

She enjoys getting to know her clients and forming an ongoing relationship with them to assist them with their financing needs now, and into the future as their goals and life circumstances change. 

She goes above and beyond to provide an efficient high level of service to achieve great outcomes for her clients.

Sibella Herbert holds the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Advanced Science (University of Sydney)

  • Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management (Kaplan)

Photo of June Wang, mortgage broker at Sequoia Home Loans

Mortgage Broker

June Wang

June Wang is an experienced mortgage broker, with over 13 years’ of experience helping clients across the country get access to the best loans from a range of lenders. June’s focus is on providing an all-encompassing service to residential home buyers and experienced property investors to restructure their property portfolios. 

June’s strong interpersonal skills together with his professional background and thorough knowledge of the industry make working with her a consistently smooth and seamless experience. June enjoys understanding clients' personal goals and working together to help them achieve them.

June is an MFAA Accredited Mortgage Broker and she used to work as a mortgage advisor in an accounting firm and she can solve complex lending structures for self-employed clients like commercial lending, SMSF lending or residential lending.

June Wang holds the following qualifications:

  • Diploma & Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking

  • Master degree in Finance & Accounting

June works with the team at Sequoia Home Loans and is available 24/7 to help with your home lending needs.

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Our Recent Reviews

We had the pleasure of working with Oscar Pople who did for us in three weeks what a larger bank could not do in 15 months. Oscar was our advisor who guided us through the mortgage application journey and made it very simple and easy for ...

Genesia Koorasingh

Oscar was absolutely unreal! He helped me to secure my first home loan from NSW while I was in the NT and it never felt like I was even remote. Oscar kept me updated through the whole process with phone calls and emails. He shopped around ...

Taylah Peters

Thanks Oscar for organizing the refinancing of our investment loan, which will save thousands of dollars over the loan term. You were always readily available to assist with anything we needed, which certainly took the pain out of the process making thing

April Simon

Thanks so much Oscar for all your assistance navigating the refinance of our SMSF home loan. The process was well worth it with a great rate and an offset account as well! We highly recommend your expertise!

Sharon Gunning

Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Refinance a Home Loan or Investment Loan?

The answer depends on your individual circumstances and financial goals. If you want to lower your monthly payments or take advantage of lower interest rates, refinancing could be the solution. Our team can help you crunch the numbers and understand the costs involved, including any fees for breaking your fixed term.

Don't wait for the perfect moment to refinance – seize the opportunity to save money and improve your investment portfolio today. Trust Sequoia Home Loans to provide professional guidance and reassuring support every step of the way. Reach out to us now to explore your refinancing options and take control of your financial future.

Why should I use a Mortgage Broker?

With access to an extensive range of products from major banks, smaller lenders, and other sources, we do the heavy lifting for you. Our expertise extends to assisting clients in unique or challenging situations, where traditional bank channels may fall short. Leveraging our knowledge, experience, and industry connections, we know exactly which lenders to approach to ensure your loan application gets approved.

Can you only help with Home Loans?

We can help with Home and Investment Loans, Construction Loans, Car Loans, Personal Loans and much more. If you're looking to borrow to buy something, we can probably help.

Can you help with refinancing a home loan or investment loan?

Absolutely! At Sequoia Home Loans, we're dedicated to finding you the best possible interest rate for your refinancing needs, whether it's for a Home Loan or Investment Loan. While the typical refinancing process takes between 2 to 4 weeks, it may take longer if you're not adequately prepared. Various factors, including changes in your personal situation, your level of readiness, and fluctuations in interest rates, all influence the duration of the process.

That's where our team of mortgage experts steps in. With Sequoia Home Loans, you'll have access to a dedicated team who will guide you through the process smoothly and efficiently. They'll carefully assess your unique circumstances, assist you in gathering all the necessary documentation, and match you with the best lender and lending product tailored to your specific needs. Trust us to make your refinancing experience seamless and stress-free.

Can you help First Home Buyers?

At Sequoia Home Loans, assisting First Home Buyers is our passion! With our expertise, we'll guide you through the entire process to secure the perfect Home Loan for you. Moreover, we're well-versed in the array of schemes designed to aid First Home Buyers, including the First Home Owners Grant and the diverse stamp duty exemptions on offer. Trust us to navigate these opportunities and ensure you make the most of them on your journey to owning your first home.

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